Giant Rabbit Breeds: (Mature weight between 12 pounds and above)

One group includes the different varieties of giants, which, according to their color, are named gray, steel gray, checkered, and solid colored, as black, Avhite, or blue. All are long-bodied and massive, weighing when adult from 12 to 20 pounds each.

Checkered Giant Rabbit

    Checkered Giant:

  • Weight: 12 + pounds.
  • Body Type: White with spots of black or blue on the nose, check, back, and hindquarters. It has a racy type body with an arch to the back. The head is relatively large; ears long and erect.
  • Special Care: Some rabbit owners claim this breed takes extra care becuase the racier body is more prone to injury and the large size makes handling difficult. Not for a first-time rabbit owners.
Flemish Giant Rabbit

    Flemish Giant:

  • Weight: 14 + pounds.
  • Body Type: Massive long body, ears long and upright. Fur is black, blue, fawn, light gray, sandy, steel or white. This rabbit takes strength to handle.
Giant Chinchilla Rabbit

    Giant Chinchilla:

  • Weight: 12 + pounds.
  • Body Type: Fur is banded slate-blue, pearl, and black. Body is long and full, ears long and erect.